Wpf textbox text binding not updating

19-Sep-2017 22:45

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It binds to the view-model by only using data binding.MODEL: A Model is responsible for exposing data in a way that is easily consumable by WPF.The second Text Block will display the name of the given parent at the relative source level.

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The Relative Source is a markup extension that is used in particular binding cases when we try to bind a property of a given object to another property of the object itself, when we try to bind a property of a object to another one of its relative parents, when binding a dependency property value to a piece of XAML in case of custom control development and finally in case of using a differential of a series of a bound data. Mode Self: Imagine this case, a rectangle that we want that its height is always equal to its width, a square let's say.

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The main difference with the above case is the fact that, it's up to you to determine the ancestor type and the ancestor rank in the hierarchy to tie the property.

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By the way try to play with this piece of XAML The above situation is of two Text Block elements those are embedded within a series of borders and canvas elements those represent their hierarchical parents.

Now one row data could have drop down, and other row could have text, and other row could have check box in Field Value.

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