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First World War Military Sites Military Landscapes Part 1: Report and Gazetteer Project No. Plan of Conwy Morfa Camp, 1910 with additional annotations 1912 (Conwy Archives CP/Maps and Plans/23/2/287) Figure 4.G2180 Report No Prepared for: Cadw March 2015, corrections May 2015 Written by: Jane Kenney and David Hopewell (with a contribution by Robert Johnston) Illustration by: Jane Kenney, David Hopewell and Neil Mc Guinness Cover photograph: Postcard of Camp at Conwy Morfa 1914, with Deganwy camp in background (postcard, owned by R Evans) Cyhoeddwyd gan Ymddiriedolaeth Achaeolegol Gwynedd Ymddiriedolaeth Archaeolegol Gwynedd Craig Beuno, Ffordd y Garth, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2RT Published by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Craig Beuno, Garth Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2RT Cadeiryddes/Chair - Yr Athro/Professor Nancy Edwards, B. Site of Conwy Morfa Camp and Rifle Range today ( Next Perspectives. Location of Deganwy Camp and practice trenches shown on inch map (Caernarvonshire sheets IV.8 and V.5) Figure 6. Diagrammatic sketch of a portion of a front line from British Trench Warfare Figure 20.The auction will be during the September meeting, so bring money= and be ready for fun.

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Immer wieder kämpfte die Wohnungsgenossenschaft Frankenberg/Sa. e G mit der Form der Abkürzung WGF, welche zur Verwechslung mit anderen kommunalen Wohnungsunternehmen führte.

Durch den Aufsichtsrat und die Vorstände wurde im Rahmen der Neufassung der Satzung der Genossenschaft ein wirklich „neuer" Name gegeben: Die neue Satzung wurde durch die damaligen Vorstände Lutz Schröder, Peter Pöhnisch und Denise Oehms vorbereitet, mit dem Aufsichtsrat abgestimmt und in der Mitgliederversammlung am beschlossen sowie am ins Genossenschaftsregister eingetragen.

there was a coneerted, offanlaed attack against the Government public bul Mtngs, the Pal- ace of Juiitlce and thf unlveratty being the objectives of thr manifrntallons. in.i from Pragiie wa« atopprd at the Austrian frontier by a group of "rebels." aald one report which reached Prague at mid- night. rhe new »en ir* will pr ovide ic T coveriag the distance to s U hours. Cai, July U^Three men were killed outright four others badly tojured and a collec t ion of 't Mildhwa hare were burned to a ter- jtfle auto M Ohtl e crash that waa fe U Irwed by an explosion, this afternoon.

■ENSATIONAL REPORTS Bensatu'dial ronnrts ronflmied to trickle across the front if r.

S — (By Telephone to Berlin.) — Serious rioting that developed into heavy fighting, threw Vienna into wild disorder today.