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15-Sep-2017 10:17

We need to be very clear that the way we do life is different than the rest of the world.” ― Mark Driscoll “On the Sabbath day, we are remembering that my relationship with God did not begin with what I've done, it is not sustained by what I do, and it is not guaranteed to the end by my effort or work. It's impossible to be satisfied in your marriage if you don't have a standard that is biblical; that standard is always your spouse.” ― Mark Driscoll “Are you letting culture, not scripture, determine your sexuality, how you date, how you present yourself, how you engage in certain relationships with members of the opposite sex?This month my husband and I will celebrate a milestone—anniversary number one, a year that has been rich with new beginnings and filled with “firsts,” getting married, becoming homeowners, moving to another state, launching new careers, and embarking on this crazy, beautiful, blessed journey together!Before we got married, Zach and I realized that the relationship we would cultivate in our first year of marriage would, in many ways, set the pattern for years to come.While the text makes it abundantly clear that the Law was given to Israel through Moses (see, for example, the many statements “Then Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, 4:1;; 6:1, 8; etc.), nowhere does it ever state that Moses wrote down what he heard.

The Book of Leviticus begins with “ connecting the instructions of Leviticus with the closing of Exodus (see, for example, Exod -38).A Strong Foundation It turns out that setting aside the first year of marriage is actually an ancient biblical standard.