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Just as the fox decries as sour the grapes that hang out of his reach, so might meanspirited folks fed up with hearing about the beautiful people spread a rumor that cuts these stars down to size.

Two facts lend an aura of credence to the rumor that Jamie Lee was born with both male and female bodyparts.

airplay chart hits off a debut album and in 2010 garnered two Grammy awards: Best Dance Recording (“Pokerface”), Best Electronic/Dance Album (“The Fame”), plus had been nominated in three other categories: Record of the Year (“Pokerface”), Song of the Year (“Pokerface”), and Album of the Year (“The Fame”).

Her unique costuming and makeup, strong performance skills, and outrageous persona easily set her up as the target for rumor.

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We have learned from listening to individuals and families dealing with intersex that: The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) was founded in 1993 in an effort to advocate for patients and families who felt they had been harmed by their experiences with the health care system.

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We believe the most fruitful way to move beyond the current dynamic is to support a new organization with a mission to promote integrated, comprehensive approaches to care that enhance the overall health and well-being of persons with sponsored and convened a national group of health care and advocacy professionals to establish a nonprofit organization charged with making sure the new ideas about appropriate care are known and implemented across the country.

What to make of the child of two successful and famous actors who grows up to achieve an equal measure of fame in the same field? According to an oft-repeated whisper, Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledged that she was born an intersexual (the preferred medical term for persons of ambiguous gender, replacing ‘hermaphrodite’). This rumor is often lent credibility by people who have heard it repeated as fact by their university professors (especially those with specialties relating to intersexuality). Jamie Lee is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

What if this gal has a boyish-sounding name and adopts children rather than bears her own? Neither the hearer nor the teller ever seems to be able to provide a credible explanation of he knows this piece of information to be true, the chain of transmission always tracing back to the notoriously unreliable “Someone else told me about it.” As happens over and over, even the most trusted of sources can sometimes take a widespread rumor at face value, then parrot it as fact. At the time of Jamie Lee’s arrival into this world, her father was a roguishly good-looking leading man, an actor female moviegoers couldn’t help but swoon over. Their union produced two daughters, Kelly Lee in 1956 and Jamie Lee in 1958.

There are no mechanisms are in place to foster implementation nor to evaluate to what extent these changes improve health care experiences and outcomes for persons and families affected by ’s dilemma: we finally have consensus on improvements to care for which we have advocated for so long, but we lack a consistent way to implement, monitor, and evaluate them.

At present, the new standard of care exists as little more than ideals on paper, thus falling short of its aim to improve the lives of people with is considerably hamstrung in being able to fulfill this role.

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