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But there was no way I wanted to go through my life without having children," she says in the brisk tones she might use discussing the Nikkei Index."I'd made a comfortable life but the missing piece was having someone to share it with and I wasn't going to leave that up to chance."On friends' recommendations, she approached Berkeley International, one of the country's most upmarket introduction agencies, with offices in hedge fund-central Mayfair, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Manhattan.

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When their future children ask how Mummy and Daddy met, you would expect Kathy to mention a Fulham dinner party, a mutual friend's wedding, or perhaps work.In return for the steep joining fee, Kathy was promised an 80 per cent chance of a long-term relationship (defined as lasting longer than six months) from the agency's exclusive clientele, which includes doctors, lawyers and television executives, as well as a scattering of celebrities."It was expensive but I didn't want to waste my time," says Kathy, who dated 14 other "members" before meeting Jamie."I saw this as an extension of a concierge service that arranges your holidays or finds you a builder, where you wouldn't expect any compromise.Forma-Pro is a full stack development company with 15 years of experience.

Our aim is a high-quality product meeting the customer's needs.When we set up our first dating site (, it soon became clear that we weren't being sensitive enough to people's lifestyles.