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But what if we told you there was a gun marketed for almost a century that was more advanced than the 97, better made than the 1200, and sold many times as much as the 21. In the late 1890s, John Browning had perfected a pump action shotgun for Winchester, the Model 1897 that proved to be one of the best scattergun designs in history.

It was a pump-action gun with a under barrel tubular magazine, but as the years ticked by, there was one glaring, antiquated flaw—it had a hammer.

A: Going on dates is fun, but it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of the same old things: dinner, movie, movie, dinner, etc…

So here is a list of 96 creative (and for the most part affordable) dates that you can go on.

Try storing at the back of the fridge rather than the fridge door.

Precise, easy-to-read and indelible date codes and batch codes are critical for many industries – from food and beverage to pharmaceutical.

Easy to use and adjust, these label guns can stamp one and two lines on adhesive labels which come in a wide variety of pre-printed options, colours, or totally custom prints. Send us an email or call with your request and we can see if a stamp will work for your application.

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Do you need to stamp or label your products with pricing, Best Before, or Packaged On dates?

With Matthews’ technology expertise and years of experience working with Australian manufacturers, you have everything you need to print use-by dates, best-before dates and batch codes you and your customers can count on.

Matthews will help ensure your products always have the right date codes and batch codes to meet stringent retailer and industry requirements: Date Codes: In Australia, the Food Standards Code states that packaged foods with a shelf life under two years must have a use by date on the primary packaging and a best before date in most other cases.

A good example of this is pickles, which, because it is preserved in vinegar, is safe to consume long after the date on the jar,' Joanna said.'The same rule applies to sugary foods such as honey or jam.

Using large amounts of sugar is an effective method of preservation, which is the reason that very sweet products like fruitcake and fudge can be eaten well past their use by dates.' 'They can still be used in a sponge cake or hard-boiled in a salad long after the benchmark has been passed, though they should not be eaten scrambled, fried or soft-boiled if they have been left for too long,' she explained.Visit to stay up to date with the latest changes to the Food Standards Code.