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14-Jul-2017 02:05

We should not be surprised that mockers like Hank Hanegraaff would come against those who declare the soon coming of Jesus, Bible prophecy declares they will.The questionable character issues are well known and they can easily be found with any keyword search on his name on Google.And what it really means has profound implications for what it means to be a Christian in the world and how we should conceive of being "church." In 1990 the now-late Jesuit scholar of English literature and philosophy, Walter Ong, S.J., wrote an essay for magazine that responded to the perennial question for educators in Catholic institutions of higher education: How does such a school incorporate this nebulous concept "catholic identity" into its mission in a tangible way?

There is precious little actual exegesis, if any at all, to support his Preterist/idealist eschatology; however, there are great quantities of some of the most vicious tirades against La Haye and many other Bible prophecy teachers that I have ever read in print.” This can be found on the Web site of the Pre-Trib Research Institute, Post script editor note: the name of the book in the above excerpt was corrected.

Hank Hanegraaff of CRI has a staff that gets him answers.

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