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04-Oct-2017 16:12

Justin Kan, founder of the Amazon-owned video gaming network Twitch, awoke on Saturday to find 'F*** you G***!

' in black marker on the front of his home in San Francisco's luxurious Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

I take a device with me to many Road Shows that allows very quick saddle changes.

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Andy Smith, promoter, Kendal Calling said: "We've very excited to announce that Kendal Calling will be streaming live on Twitch this year!Reviewing their security cameras, the 32-year-old tech star and his fiancée Christine, who is also Asian-American, found video footage of the moment a bearded man in skinny jeans cycled up to the property at 3.38am and casually printed the anti-Asian slur.

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So first and foremost I am Sebastian Braxton for those who may not know. And so my wife and I could actually have time to actually present and not be distracted. Because we're not clear on that we may not be clear on what's being endorsed what's being encouraged what we should be worried about and what we should avoid So the first thing is what exactly is attraction and so when we look at attraction right there is this very basic concept as you see in this picture right of this magnetic this draw. So when there is attraction that means that an individual is drawn to a nother individual that person just commands your attention they make you want to look at them and sometimes that comes for different reasons. Candice and I look at it and we say this is basically the whole concept of preference right. This is out of point where it's an issue of preference. OK OK So first of all you have a mission we meet a person we have attraction right. So we want to make sure that you get this is that the distinctions between the terms in that at least when we're speaking about them here that we know that they mean different things. and I was kneeling in prayer in the convention center after everyone had left and she was walking out of the convention at the same time with her best friend and her younger sister and I remember as they were walking we were walking towards each other because we're going opposite directions and I remember thinking when I saw her I say man she's really pretty. She said you know I looked at her and I said you're in love and you're infatuated. My sister in law she said you're infatuated she looked at my wife and she said you're in love with my my wife of course she starts blushing and she says that's not true. And in that sense I use that to talk about in that initial attraction right there's interest but nothing really started developing beyond our ministry relationship because I was moving to Boston to start a ministry. We immediately started connecting on what we were trying to do in the Boston area and so that was a blessing in. You know sometimes I remember at my old church in Chicago when I was single and we had this huge group come in sing and afterwards we had a little social in the basement of the church and so I was mingling talking to different people and finally after I got through the whole crowd. I can look at a person I can say hey man I know you're feeling me know I'm attracted to you that doesn't actually mean I'm trying to be with you. And so we want to acknowledge that as we're engaging in relationships and recognize that attraction is Biblical I don't feel sinful about looking at a beautiful woman or a handsome man and being drawn to that that's not a sinful reality. Don't go marry someone from the Canaanites don't go marry someone who's a false worshipper don't marry someone who does not see God and understand the inheritance that we have in terms of truth and the relationship with the God of Abraham. … continue reading »

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