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It is around midnight and the main tourist drag in the pretty beachside town of Santa Maria, on the island of Sal is starting to fill up for a long night of partying.

Cape Verde comprises ten islands, nine of which are inhabited, and is located 375 miles (600 kilometers) off the coast of Senegal.

The combined area of all the islands is 1,557 square miles (4,033 square kilometers), roughly the size of Rhode Island. Sal, Boavista, Maio, and São Vicente are flat and desert-like, with stretches of sand dunes.

They are all of volcanic origin; Fogo, the only volcano still active, last erupted in 1995. The United States Cape Verdean population, concentrated in the New England states, is estimated to be as large as the population in Cape Verde itself. The vernacular is a Creole, which is essentially fifteenth-century Portuguese with a simplified vocabulary and influences from Mandingo and several Senegambian languages.

Cape Verde is a place of great contrasts, with each of the 10 islands offering a slightly different experience.