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The dust has far from settled, but some pretty decent brawling and kiting fits have been gracing the killboards lately and I’ve put together four of my favourite brawling fits.All of the fittings in this article use only tech 2 and named items, but they require good fitting skills and sometimes a 2-3% CPU or powergrid from implants. Edit 26 July 2011 : I have taken out the dead links.These ships are now only available in XSP format via the link above. As you start to get used to the game, branch out and check the other areas.Post a link in this thread to be added to the list.The port and starboard guns on Galactica are now standard turrets where the rest of her guns and all of the guns on Pegasus are the Huge Turrets from the Xtended Mod with a slight adjustment.

For this reason I happily share links with Eve Kill and Dotlan, we are each working together to provide services for the community's benefit. Anyhow, everything on Eve Who is available elsewhere and anyone attempting to find information on your pilot/corporation/alliance will use Eve Who as just one of many tools for intelligence gathering.

Unlike their cruiser-sized bigger brothers, tech 3 destroyers can transform mid-battle to choose between three separate roles: Defense, Propulsion, and Sharpshooter.