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04-Oct-2017 04:56

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Are you watching this season’s Bachelorette and wishing there were more episodes for you to binge?Well, then how about we take a trip down Bachelorette memory lane and check up on Britt Nilsson.Yep, we said “Whaboom” guy, as that’s what the 30-year-old from California said his occupation was in his official “Bachelorette” bio. When he pulls up in the limo, Yancey keeps the window closed while speaking through a loudspeaker as if he were welcoming a fighter into the ring.“Standing 6-foot-8 and weighing a whopping 195 pounds of pure, lean muscle mass, he also has one testicle larger than the other,” he booms. ” Lindsay looks less than convinced when 6-foot Lucas gets out and pretends not to know her name. “But it’s all about ‘Whaboom.’ Host Chris Harrison offered a little insight into what Whaboom means in an interview with E!Rachel Lindsay, blink if you’re in the Sunken Place. ” She raises her arms over her head, squeal-screams, and I squeal-scream in return.

I want to know what criteria she uses to figure out who’s down with the swirl — we all have a way of sussing out which white boys are (Chris Evans) and are not (John Mayer).

I want to know how difficult dating is for her as a smart, professional, affluent black woman.

I want to ask her to describe — really describe — all of the weird racial tension that popped up on set.

They would rather use sex to win, than be known and loved for who they truly are.“ I turned to my wife and said, “Do you think these people need counseling after this?

” It all felt set up to be purposefully and inevitably emotionally devastating.

However, you can get to know this Bachelor star through the Britt Nilsson blog.

I’ll still be writing the same sort of material, I’ll still make dumb puns, and I’ll still be Tweeting, Facebooking, and Google Plussing like mad. I know, the scale’s a bit off, but it’s a tattoo, not a scientific graphic in the Astronomical Journal. The actual clip never wound up getting aired on TLC, but they did create a fully-produced version and put it up on You Tube – they have a higher res version on the TLC site.… continue reading »

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